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Zero Tolerance

Pump It Up

Pump It Up

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Watch your penis grow bigger and stronger with a suction pump that tracks your progress with precise measurements in a see-through chamber! The super-soft TPE rubber entry feels great and creates a perfect seal as you start off slow with the first suction speed, then amp up the pace to wherever you feel comfortable. A quick-release button makes sure you're always safe and secure. Pump your way to longer, harder erections, better ejaculation control - and more. The entry sleeve removes for easy cleaning and the powerful motor is rechargeable via USB.

Suction penis pump
Promotes length & strong erections
4 suction modes to suit your goals
Quick release button for safety
Measurements on see-through tube to track progress
Removable translucent smoke-tinted entry sleeve
Easy to use 2-button control panel
Green LED illuminates buttons when in use
Sleeve made from squishy soft TPE rubber
Tube made from durable ABS plastic
Phthalate & latex free
Easy to clean
Rechargeable, USB cable included

Height: 12" (30.48 cm)
Width: 2.9" (7.37 cm)
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